Land Vacations

You're like no other traveler, so why would you want to travel like everyone else, wouldn't you rather see the world through Tzell?

Because Tzell begins and ends with you and your wanderlust in mind, we know that you expect the unexpected. You savor unparalleled, exclusive travel experiences that only a select few ever have the opportunity to enjoy.

Whether you dream about an exotic safari, a trek to the most remote reaches on earth or a simple getaway to your favorite city, our unsurpassed expertise and knowledge will place each individual experience within reach through our renowned customized approach. We leave nothing to chance, thus eliminating the only "unexpected" you don't want.

You'll also enjoy Tzell's enormous clout, that means reveling in the recognition you so richly deserve, along with special amenities such as upgrades, complimentary WiFi, breakfasts and so much more. We look forward to showing you the world through our eyes.