NEXT is a joint initiative of Tzell Travel Group and Protravel International designed to recruit the next generation of travel professionals and prepare them for successful careers in a growing and evolving industry.

Young people love to travel. Studies show that members of the generation known as Millennials take 3 to 4 international trips per year and are on their way to becoming top consumers and among the most frequent business travelers. The travel industry must and will evolve to change its image among this new generation, and NEXT intends to pave the way.

A major component of NEXT is our New Employee Placement Program. NEXT will recruit, train, and ultimately place qualified candidates in the best role for them.

NEXT also serves to retain our existing young agents by encouraging their growth within the company. As a Millennials network within Protravel and Tzell, NEXT aims to help them grow their careers by ensuring they have the opportunity to see the world through exclusive events and familiarization trips and learn about luxury destinations and travel products firsthand.

Finally, NEXT aims to reeducate Millennials about the industry and the role of the travel agent. While the Internet has made it easier than ever to book a service, more and more young people are seeing the value in working with a travel professional. NEXT aims to foster young, savvy, enthusiastic agents for these Millennial clients to work with.

Check NEXT To apply for a position in our Placement Program or get in touch regarding NEXT events, please contact Marisa Costa at